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Travel Professional

What you can expect from TravelSearch Network™ as our CANDIDATE:

TravelSearch Network™ registers you in our computer "Candidate Profile" inventory of travel pros. We work in your best interest to match you with a client company that meets your conditions of employment. This includes compensation, work environment and compatibility, within the constraints and realities of the travel marketplace.

  • Fees
    Fees for our services are always paid by the employer. There is no charge for our assistance and counsel with your job search.
  • Confidentiality
    We shall maintain maximum confidentiality and discretion in presenting you to prospective employers and in verifying your credentials.
  • Guarantee
    We guarantee your placement with your new employer. Once placed, if you leave your new job for any reason (either quit or discharged with reason within 60 days, we are committed to a free replacement). We urge you to consider well all job offers before acceptance of any. You should consider the importance of keeping any commitment you make both to yourself and to your new employer.

Let TravelSearch Network™ help you find your next great opportunity.