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Thousands of Successful Placements in the Travel Industry

TravelSearch Network™ was founded in 1983 to help Travel Professionals find the right Travel Company and to help Travel Companies find the right Travel Professional. With thousands of successful placements, we have developed relationships with both candidates and employers which help the matching process of putting the RIGHT PERSON in the RIGHT JOB.

The travel industry has gone through difficult times since 1983. We have survived 1991, 1995, 1999-2000 and 911, 2007-2009 and the Covid closings, along with many travel colleagues. Survivors find a way to make it and we keep helping to keep the American Travel Industry vibrant and strong. We are working with travel companies today including regional, national and global companies as well as corporation travel departments and specialized travel companies. We are a preferred vendor with the biggest and best as well as the best carriage trade specialists. Bring on the challenges we shall make the best of it!

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Team Profiles:

Gina Tedesco

Gina Tedesco

VP of Operations

Gina grew up in Pittsburgh and began her travel industry career working for Ask Mr. Foster Travel. After moving up within the airline and car rental industries, she joined TravelSearch Network™ in 1987. As her skills and knowledge increased, Gina took on increasing responsibility in personnel placement, and in 1992, became Vice President of Operations and a co-owner of the corporation.

Gina is passionate about helping people both in travel and out. She currently sits on the board of the non-profit, Project Lorenzo, which her teenage son founded to help the homeless.

Paul Erickson

VP of Administration

Paul first worked in the airline industry in operations, reservations and sales in Dallas, New York and Houston and Vietnam. Next, he entered the travel agency industry as an agent, then supervisor and manager in Dallas and Kansas City. In 1987 he also joined TravelSearch Network™ and was involved in travel agency consulting, brokering the sales of agencies, personnel placement and administration of TSN. He became co-owner of the corporation and Vice President of Administration in 1992.

In Memoriam:

Jim Schwarz

Jim was the founder of TravelSearch Network™ in 1983. He incorporated the company as Jim Schwarz Associates, Inc., dba TravelSearch Network™ in 1985 in Dallas, Texas. Jim was an airline guy - beginning with Delta he moved from ticket agent to sales, from Florida to New Orleans. He was sales manager with KLM for several years, then with Alitalia where rose to Vice President of Sales for North America. He then worked for Braniff sales as a sales executive until 1982 where he "turned off the lights" at Braniff sales. Jim was respected by most people who knew him. We still miss him though he passed in 1992.